Maz Man

Established 1997 - Belarus

First MAZ-205 trucks that drove out of the plant's gates at the end of October 1947 just announced the birth of Belarusian automobile industry. In order that Minsk trucks appear at country's building sites faster the plant was to be built at the pace dictated by the times. Already at the end of 1948 the building of the first and in 1950 of the second stage was finished. In the result in the same 1948 it was possible to organize a full-scale production of automobiles and when the construction was over to achieve and even to exceed the planned production capacities. In 1951 the plant produced 25 000 vehicles against the planned 15 000. And not only was the quantity of the trucks increasing.


Established: 1946 - Belarus

The chronicles of MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT start from the first partisan groups that came on July 16, 1944 in order to restore the auto maintenance workshops, from the decree of the State committee of defense dated August 1944 about the creation of a vehicle assembly plant in Minsk. The country was giving everything it could for the creation of the future first-born of Belarusian automobile industry. And already in October 1947 the first five MAZ trucks were assembled there.